Grandeur Park Residences – Tanah Merah MRT Condo by CEL

Grandeur Park Residences – Tanah Merah MRT Condo by CEL and Chip Eng Seng. At New Upper Changi Road and Bedok South Avenue 3

Brand New Condo Grandeur Park Tanah Merah

CEL Development is one property development and Investment Company that has made a golden mark in the Singapore real estate business. And in the ambitious culture of these mighty companies, the CEL Development is taking on another challenge in Singapore. This is the Grandeur Park Residences.

CEL Residential Development Grandeur Park

This new project handled by the CEL Development happens to be a fresh condo by Chip Eng Seng. Basically Chip Eng Seng is an arm of the prestigious CEL Development. Talking about the details of this Grandeur Park Residences project, the highest bid whose submission was executed for the project is $419.38 million. This remarkably marks its honorable place as one of the biggest bids so far in this region. Enthusiasm mixed with pessimism is amounting among analysts about the geographical expanse of the land owing to the reality that it is not far at all from the Tanah Merah MRT Station with the land also really close to the Singapore Expo. The reasons as stated behind this pessimism is reasonably logical.

Brand New Condo at Tanah Merah MRT Station

The Grandeur Park Residences project to be constructed by the CEL Development is situated at junction uniting the Bedok South Avenue 3 and the New Upper Changi Road. By such location, the Grandeur Park Residences happens to be one of these condos which you could reach with such ease. It is situated right close to the Tanah Merah MRT Station. By virtue of location, the Grandeur Park Residences has a stream of amenities around it. The famous amenities include notable schools like the Singapore University of Technology and Design, the Temasek Junior College, the Temasek Polytechnic, as well as the Anglican High School.

From the location of the Grandeur Park Residences, there are a couple of places that would surely catch your interest. Among them is the Bedok Market Place, the Changi Jewel and the Singapore Expo.

Grandeur Park Residences CEL Chip Eng Seng

This land allocated to this Grandeur Park Residence project happens to be one of the most recent projects or have been inaugurated in this region. In fact, land allocations flanking that allotted to this project have all been given out earlier. Going by the site plan, the park is going to be made of a variety of available bedroom units. The park will fundamentally have more than one facing. This could be the Bedok Rise facing and another facing, possibly the Upper Changi Road facing.

The prospects is certain of the Grandeur Park site plan having complete facilities among which there could be stuffs like barbecue spots, courts, swimming pools, tennis courts pools, D tennis courts, even down to a playground designated to students.

In all the Grandeur Park Residences has the enormous spark of freshness. The perfect spot for businesses and residential to intersect in congenial harmony.