Grandeur Park Residences – Tanah Merah MRT Condo by CEL

Grandeur Park Residences – Tanah Merah MRT Condo by CEL and Chip Eng Seng. At New Upper Changi Road and Bedok South Avenue 3

CEL Residential Development Developer Grandeur Park Residences

CELl is a real estate company which is ideally involved with acquiring property for sale, lease or for investment. The company has been in the business since the year 2000 and has enhanced substantial development in the housing sector. They have successfully come up with residential buildings, commercial and industrial properties and many other investments that have been of great benefit to real estate development. CEL is currently boasting of mid-market and high end prime properties which are so far becoming a business hub for the company. With the rate the company is driving it development issues, it is no doubt it be the leading real estate company in the continent.

CEL Residential Grandeur Park Condo

CEL Residential Pte Ltd has been partnering with other reputable in the sector with a mindset of taking investment and development to a much greater level for a sustainable growth. It has established a joint venture with elite foreign companies in order to access their expertise and benefit from their expanded network that brings a plus to the company. Lehman Brothers Real Estate Partners and Citadel Equity Fund Limited are the biggest overseas companies that have saw to it that CEL achieves its intended portfolio and development aspirations. CEL also believes in local investments and has seen it partner with NTUC Choice Homes Co-operative Limited and Keppel Land Limited to drive property projects and enhance local development.

CEL Grandeur Park Residences

CEL Residential is the developer for Grandeur Park Residences near Tanah Merah MRT Station and has been involved with variety of iconic building, residential development and even commercial buildings that highly lifted the name of the company. The company has successfully overseas and developed various high profile units in Singapore and overseas. Alexandra Central Hotel is a unique state of the art development designed and constructed by CEL Company. The hotel is a great attraction to many and a clear confirmation of the company’s agenda to uplift development and investment.

Fulcrum is an exclusive 128 unit condominium which has solved residential needs by a greater margin. The facility is Singapore’s most iconic and an ultra modern residential facility. With its location just outside the city center it is on a high demand. CEL Company boasts of these projects and many other overseas developments like Tower Melbourne in Queen Street Melbourne and others. These properties are unmatched and offer the best design and technology in the sector.

Grandeur Park Residences Bedok South

CEL for Grandeur Park Residences strives to be a dynamic organization forming a strong base for property development and investment built on a strong synthesis of solid quality standards and commitment. It also endeavors to be a technological hub for unmatched property development.