Grandeur Park Residences – Tanah Merah MRT Condo by CEL

Grandeur Park Residences – Tanah Merah MRT Condo by CEL and Chip Eng Seng. At New Upper Changi Road and Bedok South Avenue 3

CEL Residential Submits Top Bid for Grandeur Park Tanah Merah

CEL Residential Development is the developer of Grandeur Park, which is a residential complex. The complex is to be on a 51,228m2 land. Although the developer has not disclosed the number of blocks expected, the area is adequate for residents. The executive condominiums will be available for a 99-year lease, making it a worth investment for the locals. In addition, the plan includes modern common facilities that will cater for all residents, adequately. Given the surroundings, occupants have access to all social amenities including schools, hospitals and leisure facilities. Transportation and shopping convenience is another guarantee.

CEL Residential Developer for Grandeur Park

This CEL development complex is located proximal to Bedok South Avenue on Upper Changi Road. From the developer, the location is suitable for construction of such a complex, thanks to the terrain and soil details. The surrounding also favors residents due to the advanced facilities in the locality. Changi Road opens up to other major destinations and offers a reliable transport for both public and private means. With the site neighbouring the Tanah Merah MRT stations, the residents have access to all facilities at their convenience. The shop outlets and schools are yards away and the road network is reliable and fast. Since the region enjoys adequate sunlight duration, the developer ensures that the balconies have displays for residents to enjoy this and the evening breeze.

CEL Residential Top Bid for Tanah Merah Grandeur Park

Grandeur Park is located on a prime land, with CEL Developers bidding it at over $400. The development potentiality and the available amenities influenced the bid ranges. All the surrounding lands have been on sale and the development by CEL might be the last one in this region. For the residents, the complex provides a gym, viewpoints, security points, BBQ area, as common facilities. As for the apartments, the residents will have access to modern and luxurious rooms with adequate space for all the modern requirements. The blocks should have enough parking spaces for residents, in relation to the security points to ensure total security of the property.

CEL Residential Grandeur Park Tanah Merah MRT Station

The complex consists of two phases, one facing the Bedok Rise and the other facing Changi Road. The expectation is that each block goes more than six storeys. As for the apartments, they will comprise of one up to five bedroom apartments, in either of the phases. CEL Residential Development presents a favourable floor plan that indicates strategic positioning of all amenities. This includes children courts and facilities that are secure and adequate for all residents. Convenience and accessibility of the facilities are among the factors governing the plans. The complex has a number of exits, from which residents can access the main roads with ease.